About TR

Grandma Moses Style

Although not as old as Grandma Moses when she found fame for her art, T.R. held off until retirement before returning to an old love...writing. Suddenly with an unfamiliar quantity of free time, she entered a Harlequin writing contest and ended up with first a one book and then a two-book contract. She's been having fun with her fictional friends ever since.

What's Next?

TR works in a variety of genres. Most recently her true story Travels with Rocky was published by Chicken Soup for the Soul: Military Families. Look for a picture of Rocky in the Photo Gallery on this page.

Grandma TR Style

Like many of her characters, TR lives in Pennsylvania. Though her twin daughters have flown the nest, she shares her country home with her husband and one horse, three beagles, and Sunny the yellow lab, who her husband insists is her 'muse'. 

And as of September 13, she's proud to announce she's a grandma, too. She'd love to post a picture of this cute-as-a-button baby but in this era of social media is obliged to respect her privacy.

Sunny, however, doesn't mind a bit.